A Public Apology to the Opposum

So…. ummm… how’s it going? [Hides metaphorical tail between legs.] Right. So turns out it most likely, for sure, probably, maybe wasn’t you doing all that horrible damage to the tomato plants, basil, nasturtiums, pansies, tansy, succulents, etc a few weeks back. Turns out I maybe, sort-of, possibly, most likely made a little tiny mistake


Before and After – Strawberry Canister

This is what it looked like today. There was a third ripe strawberry this morning but a certain someone (hint: rhymes with Gavin) got to it before I could take some photos. What it looked like at planting time a few weeks ago. Turns out that plants, they grow!

While Wearing My Coordinating Floral Hat, Apron, Gloves, and Weeding Kneepads

Yesterday afternoon. I am standing over a table of zucchini transplants contemplating a purchase. This is a yellow variety that looks to have the interesting mottled leaf pattern I like. I am holding a tentative purchase in one hand while I scan the table, holding out for the healthiest looking plant in the bunch. I


Cold Snap Gums Up the Works

As I type this, one third of my rooftop garden sits on the floor in my living room. A second third of the garden is cluttering up the hallway around our front door. “Come on in friendly visitor! But first brave this minefield of plants, soil, and containers.” The final third remains outside. They were


Risk of Frost

Can you believe this? RISK OF FROST. It is June 5!! We are well past the safe date in this region! And as an aside, ahem, can you believe my awesomely instructive and informative graphic? Fades, arrows, highlights, and drop shadows. I had to reach deep into my USA Today brand pool of design tricks


Herb Fair 2007

Aka The Great Yearly Event in Which I Grant Myself Permission to Pig Out on More Herbs Than You Can Shake a Stick At. I went. I smelled. Money left my wallet. I went home with an allergy attack and a cart full of glorious, smellerific plants. Here’s what everyone wants to see: ‘Red Gem’


Strawberry Cocoa Mud

It’s a scorcher out there today so I thought I’d share my recipe for a favourite summer refresher. I just came indoors after a full day out in the garden and this drink was exactly the right cool down treat. Ingredients: 1 frozen banana, chopped 1 cup frozen strawberries 2-3 cups chocolate rice milk (less


First Strawberry of the Season

We enjoyed our first ripe strawberry of the season this morning. Nothing beats the sweet, sweet deliciousness of an organic, homegrown strawberry. Strawberries are probably the easiest fruit to grow in containers and do very well in hanging baskets, strawberry pots, or window boxes on sunny decks and balconies. I give mine little more than


Flower Silhoette Necklaces

The bank account says, NO Way in Hell but the eyes beg, Yes Please! I love these very inventive and original flower silhoette necklaces by jewelry designer Abigail Percy. Each necklace is handmade from silver sheeting and represents the shape of three different spring blooms: Screw Pine, Magnolia Virginia, and Magnolia. Not your typical floral


Cheap ‘n Easy Container Idea – Chive Basin

If you’re looking for a hardy herb that will produce a harvest all season-long, and can withstand just about anything you can throw at it then look no further than chives. I’ve been growing this wash basin of chives for so many years I can’t for the life of me recall where I got the


Versus the Possum, Round Two

The ongoing battle of roof garden versus the possom continues. I think I’m making some headway. Oh what, you can’t get past my genius chair barrier* to those delicious plants? Boo hoo. Gives me the stink eye. Changes tactics and goes for the cute and cuddly mammal routine. But I am strong and not easily


Versus the Possum, Round One

Sure I lost an eggplant last year but I don’t even like eggplants and you left the rest of the plants untouched unlike the raccoons that just plow through like tanks and tear everything to shreds so it was like, Okay, no problem, we can live together. I’m sure we can hug this one out,

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