Edible Toronto Magazine

Edible Toronto Magazine

There’s a new magazine in town, and I mean that quite literally. Edible Toronto is the Toronto edition of a group of locally-relevant edible cities world-wide. There’s an edible Brooklyn, an edible Seattle, and there’s even an edible Hawaiian Islands. Supported by Edible Communities, a member-driven organization, the locally-centred magazines aim to create relationships around


Over-wintering Hot Peppers

What a pleasant surprise discovering that the ‘Fatali’ Hot Pepper I started from seed in the Spring of 2006 (1 1/2 years ago) finally produced those adorable little wrinkly peppers I couldn’t wait to see. ‘Fatali’ is supposed to be one of the hottest known hot peppers with a heat that rivals ‘Habenero.’ I’m too


Aphids Suck

Declare war on the aphid nation in this battle-ready tee, now available in pink or black. We’re taking pre-orders for a limited time which allows us to make the design available in a new colour (for those of you, like me, who like their shirts black) and a much wider variety of sizes from Women’s


Okay, NOW It’s Fall

Break out the apple cider and make some treats, Fall is officially here. And while the weather is happily still very late-summer-like the signs of autumn are everywhere, especially in the harvest. One of the farmers had pie pumpkins at the market this week. I’m realizing now that I should have bought one. An unidentified


Growing a Nepenthes Terrarium

Look what my spouse brought home for me yesterday as a gift for being sick. If this is what I get for being sick what do I get for being a fully-functioning, productive member of society? Actually being sick was a nice excuse to lay in bed watching Wonder Woman reruns and re-reading back issues

Summer is NOT Over, Yet. Agreed?

They say that the Autumnal Equinox falls on September 23rd this year — according to my calculations that’s five full days away yet everywhere I go people are talking about Fall like it’s here already. It’s like as soon as Labour Day is past we head straight into Autumn without looking ahead or looking back.

City Farming — New York Mag Article

In a recent New York Magazine feature entitled “My Empire of Dirt“, writer Manny Howard takes on the arduous task of growing a farm, complete with flora and fauna in his Brooklyn backyard to explore just what is involved in trying to feed himself locally for one month. The results are a humorous and slightly


At the Community Garden

Lately, I have been receiving emails asking me to talk more about the community garden. I will admit that I am so horribly behind in writing about progress there that it’s been difficult to know where to begin. So this morning I browsed through a few folders of photos and decided to begin with the


Living in Toronto – Growing Heirloom Vegetables

I had a TV crew here for about 2 hours one scorching hot and humid afternoon in August shooting a segment on heirloom vegetables for a show called “Living in Toronto.” There are other “Living ins” across Canada however the first is set to air tomorrow afternoon. Details: CBC “Living in Toronto”, 1pm – 1:30pm.


Making Low-Sugar Pepper Jelly

With both the gardens and the Farmer’s Market in abundance these days, it’s become canning central around here. I’m on a personal mission to find a use for just about everything. Last weekend was the whole 50 pounds of tomatoes insanity which resulted in approximately 28 various-sized jars of Roasted Tomato Sauce and Blackened Salsa


Love to Hate: Cosmos

Let’s all agree right now to stop pretending to hate cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus) and (Cosmos sulphureus). Let’s agree to stop telling ourselves we are too good for it. Or that it’s too easy. Let’s agree to admit right here, right now that we think it’s a pretty flower. Let’s stop telling ourselves it doesn’t have