Qualifies as the Strangest Thing Buried By a Squirrel

I spent Saturday doing hardcore gardening work including prepping the fire-escape windowboxes for planting. On Sunday afternoon I purchased a few plants for the boxes and decided to get them planted up rather than wait for additional plants. Check out what I found buried by our friendly neighbourhood squirrel: A sign of the times. Last

You Grow Girl Mug

Gardening for the People – The Mug

My new favourite morning tea mug. Available in your standard mug size and your hard-core-caffeine-drinker large mug size. I suppose it was about time.

Starting a Successful Community Garden

I’ve been receiving requests for information on starting a community garden since posting about my experience working with the H.O.P.E Community Garden Group here in Toronto. Starting a community garden is an awesome experience but it is also quite an undertaking. Starting a garden is as much about the physical labor involved in building the


Seed Pod Poster

I’m in love with Renee’s drawings of seed pods poster. The perfect mix of science and pretty. $18.00

Photo by Gayla Trail

Spring Blooms II

Now that we’ve moved into the next phase of spring — a stable phase when the threat of a random snowfall is safely behind us and temperatures are more consistently predictable — a new crop of blooms have begun to emerge. I’ve been happily carrying at least one camera around with me, capturing observations I


First Harvest of the Season

You can’t beat an early spring harvest courtesy of cold-hardy perennials. I’ve barely done anything in the garden and I’m already raking in the food stuffs! Clockwise from top right: Onions, dandelion greens, garlic chives, chives, lemon balm. These chives have been growing in a large galvanized wash basin on my rooftop deck for several


Stinging Nettle (Pinhole)

A photo I took for World Pinhole Photography Day, an event that just happened to coincide with my first stinging nettle foraging expeditition of the season. I am an accomplished multi-tasker.

Stinging Nettle Tea

Foraging Stinging Nettles

I went out foraging stinging nettle (Urtica dioica) last weekend. I harvested young leaves for eating and have set aside most to be made into a liquid fertilizer for my plants. Stinging nettle is very high in magnesium and iron making it good for both your bod and your plants’ too. I went out partially


Rolled Petals

I was stopped by these tulips while out walking with my camera recently. I love the way the petals have rolled down as the flowers die. Nature sure is neat.


Scotts versus TerraCycle

TerraCycle Inc — a company started by a college student that sells liquid worm poo fertilizer in recycled pop bottles — is being sued by Scotts makers of Miracle-Gro claiming that the product package designs are too similar and confuse customers “…because some TerraCycle plant foods have a green and yellow label with a circle


Making a Community Garden

Parkdale, the neighborhood where I have made my home for most of my adult life houses approximately 75% of its residents in apartments with 38% residing in high-rise towers without access to outdoor space. This neighbourhood is incredibly diverse with people hailing from literally all over the world. It’s an excellent example why Toronto is

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