Lots of tomatoes.  Grown on my rooftop in containers.

Tomatoes to Grow in Containers (or anywhere else for that matter)

Since I have begun talking about seeds and showing photos of my little seedlings, people have been writing in to ask me what I’m growing. I have been purposefully avoiding saying too much about my choices this year because a large number of the varieties I am growing are new-to-me. I have a tendency to


Blast From the Past

Jennifer Perkins of the famous Naughty Secretary Club just reposted this interview we did… a whole bunch of years ago. I have to admit that when I saw her message in my inbox my first thought was, “Oh [insert expletive here], what did I say to embarrass myself?” Thankfully there is no blackmail material in


Seed-Starting Basics

Seed-starting season is in full swing in these parts. I’ve been getting loads of questions about it via email and figured it was time to put together a seed-starting recap here on the site.

I started my own tomato, pepper, and tomatillo seeds this weekend and put in orders with two seed companies to complete my 2007 Scary Mega Plant List.


Lee Valley Windowsill Seed Starter

Last spring the world aligned in such a way leading to what I can only describe as a collapse in judgement wherein I purchased an actual device to start my seeds in. Firstly, I am a gluttonous gardener and had compiled a frightening collection of seeds to grow, and then Lee Valley had the gall

Seedy Saturday 2007

Seedy Saturday 2007

Another Seedy Saturday has come and gone and as usual I went in with big ideas but didn’t quite make it to all the booths. However, this year I can proudly say that I made a list and mostly stuck to it! What’s more, most of my items were trades — a staggering four packs


It Has Begun… Seeds 2007

Have you started your seeds yet? This has been the most common topic on everyone’s mind lately and the question I have been asked most in the last few weeks. People should know by now that I’m a late start. I rarely get my seeds started on time… you know, for the experimenting and the


Plexiglas Planter

Okay so the succulents are half-dead and it’s actually a corny window display for a glasses store but this shallow Plexiglas planter box found while walking through Portland, Oregon is at heart a good idea. Shallow-rooted succulents like hens and chicks would do well in a container like this — the store owner just didn’t

Old Man Cactus

Best in Show

Well actually this “l’il fella” only took second prize in its category in the Garden Club of Toronto’s horticultural competition at Canada Blooms, but it stole top prize in my heart. What I like is how it was just sitting there so unassuming. Sure there were lots of spring smells and pretty flowers but it’s


Midnight in the Garden

…of garbage and urine. Click on the picture to see it large. I took this photo of my street garden late one night in late fall. It was taken using a swing lens panoramic camera. The tall plant with the large, tropical-looking foliage is plume poppy a rather invasive perennial I have complained about often

Photo by Gayla Trail

For Those of You, Like Myself, Who Woke Up to -21 Temps

This is a little of what I saw only a week ago in Portland. I’ve got to get on developing my film so I can coast on images of actual living things through these last foul weeks/months of winter. Click on the images to see them larger. Lush, green carpets of fresh moss covering every

Books bought in Portland

Gluttonous Book Purchases

…Of which there are many when it comes to gardening since I can so easily convince myself they are for “work” rather than enjoyment. Nope. No enjoyment here. Purely for work. Incredibly necessary for The Very Important Work. Clockwise from top: Herbs: Partners in Life: Healing, Gardening, and Cooking with Wild Plants by Adele G.

National Post

Gardening Has a Grunge Guru?

…And apparently it’s me! Thanks to Sarah who pointed me to this article in today’s National Post newspaper promoting next week’s Canada Blooms line-up including one of my two talks on growing food in the city. Friday, March 9, 2007. 12:30pm. Room 714 Topic: Urban Potager: Growing Food in Small or Difficult Spaces Saturday, March

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