Grow-op Set-up

Guest post by Amy Urquhart There have been some whispers in the Forums about starting seeds already. Some of the members of You Grow Girl live in areas where it’s already the season for growing. Here in Southern Ontario, though, we’re still experiencing snow and wind chill warnings. I’ve started to think about what I

Broadleaf Thyme

Unkillable Herb: Broadleaf Thyme

Loads of gardening articles and books proclaim that it is easy to grow herbs indoors however it is my experience, and I bet it’s yours too, that most herbs are fine during the summer months but many take a real beating towards the last half of winter. The conditions inside a typical apartment or house

Your Questions Answered: Gift Orchids

A constant stream of questions comes flooding through my inbox on a regular basis. I try and answer as many as I can but it’s quite an arduous task. It suddenly occurred to me that maybe I should start answering these questions publicly where everyone can benefit from the information or add their own thoughts

A Five Minute Break

A consortium of French environmental groups called L’Alliance pour la Planète / The Alliance for the Planet are calling for as many people as possible to turn out their lights and shut off all electrical appliances for 5 minutes today. This action is meant to acknowledge the UN report on global climate change set to

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