Full Disclosure

I think it’s important to go against the grain of traditional gardening magazines that focus on hyper-perfect fantasy garden porn and show you that there is no shame in a less-than-perfect garden. Here is a photo of the street garden taken just last week. Keeping up with the garbage and the human pest damage is

Don’t Plant, Do Plant

I came across this “Don’t Plant a Pest” brochure put out by the California Invasive Plant Council that could be handy for those of you in the Bay Area. I like that instead of listing invasives with a stern warning against planting, they offer reasonable alternatives and solutions.


Amateur Phenology

So. Ummmm. Who’s a little freaked out by this crazy weather? They say Canada is totally backwards especially for an El Nino year with the west coast all wet and wild and the east unseasonably warm and snow-less. I’ve heard that things are also a bit nutty in parts of the U.S and my Northern

Where to Get Dandelion Seeds

I posted back in October about my new-found culinary interest in dandelion greens and a few of you have been writing to ask where I got the seeds. In my case the dandelions have been coming up all on their own in my community garden. If you’ve got the short-leaved variety and you’re looking for

My 2006 Gardening Highlights

I don’t think I’ve ever done a “Best of” gardening list* but it seems about time to get started. I have done a “Things Killed” list but this year I’m going to accentuate the positive. Picking favourites is difficult for someone like me who tends to favour several things at once. Be warned that what’s

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