2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive – Update

2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive

Now that 2007 has come to a close I wanted to update you on this year’s Warm Winter Wear Drive. This year we donated 16 hats, 14 scarves, and 6 pairs of mittens to The Redwood Shelter for Abused Women.

2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive

I want to thank everyone who donated this year: Renee, AuntieM, Nikic, Karen, Deborah, Gnomenclature, Jen, Bonnie, and Jen A. (Please comment here if I missed you! I tried to save the mail tag from each package but this list seems incomplete.) Once again I was impressed by the amount of love and work that went into the wearables you made. The complexity of the work, from complicated intarsia to reversible hats and double-thick mittens really blew my mind. It was exciting to open each package to discover each amazing piece of wearable art inside. I made sure to wrap everything up with ribbons and tags before boxing it up and taking it over to the shelter.

I know it’s a year late but here is last year’s thank you note from The Redwood:

You Grow Girl 2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive
Gayla Trail
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7 thoughts on “2007 Warm Winter Wear Drive – Update

  1. Awesome!
    Thank you so much, Gayla, for organizing this each year. I look forward to participating each year as the world gets crazy and chaotic around the holiday season. It’s a nice way to focus on the spirit of love.

  2. I had to wait a bit longer than I would have liked for some mail stragglers (the Holidays are a bad time to send mail) so next year I am going to start promoting this earlier and bring the deadline forward a bit. I need to put a reminder on my calendar right this minute!

  3. Kudos, everyone! This was my first year on You Grow Girl and participating in the drive. I only managed to make two pairs of mittens, but next year I hope to do more. Those of us in the USA definitely need to get a early start, because our mail to Canada can take a long time to arrive.

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