Audible Flavor to Savor

Guest post by Renee Garner I must admit, rather proudly actually, that I am hooked on National Public Radio. I am rarely impressed with top 40 radio, less impressed with the hip hop of late, and classic rock bores me to tears the moment Stairway to Heaven starts up. So I switch on over to

Healing with Dandelions

Guest post by Emira Mears There are a few things I have an abundance of in my garden without trying. They may be familiar to you: dandelions, chickweed and horsetail. And while I curse a blue streak as I remove the horsetail, I can’t help but think of my amazing friend Signy each time I

The Garden in Timelapse

I’ve recently joined Vimeo, a personal video clip sharing site and discovered several beautiful plant-related time-lapse videos. Daffodil Opening Tulips Dance Seedling Wilting Rose Epiphyllum Blooms Shifting Light on Tulips

The Herb Fair is Coming, The Herb Fair is Coming

My favourite local plant-related event is back! What: Ontario Herbalist Society Annual Herb Fair Where: Harbourfront Centre, Toronto When: Sunday June 4, 2006. 11am-5:30pm If you’d like to meet for plant shopping, exchanging (bring your extra transplants and seeds), fellow herb loving geekery, and more myself and other YGGers will be waiting in front of

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