Off the Cuff Edging

Guest post by Renee Garner Never one to adhere to tradition, I have started swallowing my grassy yard up with perennials and edibles. Several factors have prevented total success with the work so far, though, and a major one has been communication between my spouse and myself. This was especially apparent one evening at dusk

Pinto Beans

Growing Hard Beans

Guest post by Emira Mears Last week, said friend and I were having a drink and discussing the ups and downs of local eating. He happens to be something of a literal expert on the subject and is a true wealth of info on all foodstuffs local. In my dream universe of local eating, life


This Next Reviews “You Grow Girl” Book

- From: ThisNext (Summer 2006) “Great layout and images. Green-thumb guys shouldn’t be afraid to check it out, too!” “this lovely book by gayla trail is just what i need to get my sad looking garden on my strip of balcony growing again. it’s fun reading, wonderfully designed and has more than gardening tips such


Jennifer of the crafty podcast Craftsanity will be running a podcast interview with me next week. She is giving away one copy of the You Grow Girl book to the reader who submits the coolest eco-friendly craft by Saturday, June 24. You should also go there to listen to some inspiring interviews with crafty peoples

CraftSanity Episode 23: Grow Your Own with Gayla Trail

Listen to the podcast here. “In this episode Gayla, 32, will tell us the story of how her website sprouted into the book (You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening) and now a TV show in the making. In her book, Gayla presents great gardening information in an accessible and fun-to-read way, giving even

Squirrel eating pease

Feed Them to the Squirrels

Gardening is all about experimentation and adaptability. You can try and lock down a “method” but nature has its own ideas. Every gardening season is different for one reason or another. Often times it’s large and subtle differences in the weather. Some years it’s a freak plague of aphids from the sky, a raccoon that

Following the Status Quo: $16,565.00

Guest post by Renee Garner Office Manager may sound like a hefty title, for those not in the know, but really I am just a glorified secretary. Sure I have a degree, but that doesn’t equate to a high paying job in my chosen field: art. So I make enough to live off of but

Dallas Hays, a Gardener After My Own Heart

I was recently inspired by a gardener profiled in the April/May issue of Organic Gardening magazine. In the interview, gardener Dallas Hays of Lewiston, Idaho talks about making his own fish fertilizer (good for nitrogen) “..using a blender and squawfish from a nearby lake.” He also makes his own potting mix and substitutes ground up

Boweia False Sea Onion

The Aliens Have Landed

I did a bit of houseplant repotting yesterday afternoon, a chore that is sadly neglected at this time of year in favour of outdoor gardening tasks. But I have a shaky reputation to uphold and had reached the point where I no longer wanted people to come by for a visit should they happen to

Gardening & Deck Design – Point, Click, Plant

- From Gardening & Deck Design (Summer 2006) “Wonderfully informative and full of personality, this Website takes the intimidation factor out of gardening and makes it accessible to everyone. In addition to seasonally updated articles, tips, recipes and more, You Grow Girl has sections for blogs and forums, giving readers the opportunity to connect with


Gardening & Deck Design – Gardening with Gayla Trail

- From: Gardening & Deck Design (Summer 06) “My concept of what’s possible as far as gardening goes is pretty open ended,” says Gayla Trail, who grows edibles and ornamentals on a roof deck, in a strip of city-owned property at the side of her apartment building and at a community garden. Trail credits her


Succulent Window Box 2006

Growing succulents in the window box on the fire escape portion of my rooftop garden has become a tradition — most likely because they are just about the only plants that can survive the intense sun, heat, and drought. The deck is fully exposed to all sorts of harsh conditions but the fire escape area

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