There’s Some Livin’ Going On

We’ve been experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures here in Toronto which have pushed me to get out and do some early-season garden work. I can’t recall being this eager to get gardening but I suspect that I am always this excited, it’s just the lapse of time between fall and spring that has me convinced my


The Lazy Gardener’s Automatic Seed Starting Chart

Calculate seed sowing and planting dates in seconds with Maggie Wang’s easy-to-calculate version of my original Printable Seed Starting Chart. You’ll never wonder when to start your seeds again! Download the seed starting chart file. If you don’t have excel, you can download a free open-source office suite with a spreadsheet application at or

Seedy Saturday 2006

I spent the day selling t-shirts and books at the Toronto Seedy Saturday event this weekend. It really is growing bigger and better every year (see a pic here). The aisles were packed with excited gardeners from 10 am on and I got to meet a lot of great people, talk gardening (my voice is

Canada Blooms: Herbs & Edibles

I gave a workshop/demonstration today at Canada Blooms on growing herbs and other edibles in a strawberry pot but I ran out of handouts. I wasn’t expecting such a great turnout! Thanks to everyone who came. As promised I have posted a printable version of the handout here for those who missed out. Thanks to

Handy Seed Starting Chart

by Gayla Trail Remembering when to sow and when to plant out can be tricky when you’ve got a wild variety of seedlings on the go. Download and print out this seed starting plan to chart out the sow dates, and planting out dates of this year’s crop. Download chart here