Garden Plot Update

It’s time to start posting updates on my gardens before things get too out-of-hand. Over at the community garden plot I dug in some fresh soil amenders and finished planting quite a while back. Thanks to some rain all the seedlings are coming in nicely. This year I planted: Purple Cherokee tomato Black Krim tomato

Urban Plantlife

The following photos were taken on a walk along the railroad tracks in my neighbourhood today. Row1: Unknown, Viper’s Bugloss, Coreopsis (aka Tickseed) Row2: Milkweed (open flowers) Milkweed (closed flowers)            

The Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice, or “Midsummer’s Day” has its origins in paganism as a celebration of various Sun Gods. Cultures everywhere still celebrate this day, which marks the middle of summer, not, as with today’s calendar, its beginning. SOLSTICE – sol stare: “standing still sun” In Spain, the eve of solstice is called “Night of the

All Hail Mulch

Guest post by Zesty Thinking upon the last weekend of May, there are words that spring to my mind. Words like ‘triumph’ and ‘omnipotent’ and ‘whupass’. For yes truly, as the phoenix doth rise from its ashes so too is my garden no longer a cover candidate for ‘Crackhead Landscaping’. What was once a weed-ridden

The Globe & Mail – The Avant-Gardeners

An article by Karen von Hahn on Gayla Trail and You Grow Girl. “…it’s as punchy, quirky and irreverent as its hip young urban audience.” “Sanders (Trail) who is slight, intense and wears the statement eyeglasses of the srtistically inclined, also had trouble with the gardening industry’s conventional beauty ideal. “It was intimidating to see

Herb Fair 2004

In keeping with tradition I am posting this year’s Herb Fair haul. And in further keeping with tradition I was a complete glutton.